Jolin Tsai husband: Is Jolin Tsai married?

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Jolin Tsai is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, and actress. Referred to as the “Queen of C-Pop”, she is considered one of the most influential figures in Chinese popular culture.

She is known for her continual reinvention and versatility in musical style and visual image, and she has achieved a great reputation and popularity in the Chinese-speaking world.

She maintains control of every aspect of her career, and she is regarded as a key figure in popularizing dance-pop as mainstream music in Greater China. Her works, which incorporate social themes, have generated both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Jolin Tsai biography

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On September 15, 1980, Tsai was born in Hsinchuang City, Taipei County, Taiwan (now Hsinchuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan). Her mother’s name is Huang Chun-mei, her father is Tsai Chu-chen, and she has a sister who is older than her named Tsai Min-wen. Her mother is half Taiwanese indigenous Papora and half Han Chinese, and her father is of Han Chinese ancestry.

Her mother raised their two kids alone in Taiwan while her father worked as an accountant before starting a factory in Thailand. Later, her father relocated to Taiwan to run an agency for Thai migrant workers. Tsai went to Chingmei Girls’ High School, Hsinchuang Girls’ Junior High School, and Hsinchuang Elementary School.

Jolin Tsai achievements

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Tsai has received a total of 15 Golden Melody Award nominations, which are the Chinese-language equivalent of the Grammy Awards.

These nominations include two for Album of the Year, four for Song of the Year, four for Best Mandarin Album, four for Best Female Mandarin Singer, and one for Best Single Producer.

She has received a total of seven Golden Melody Awards, including Album of the Year (2018) for Ugly Beauty, three Song of the Year (2018) for “Marry Me Today,” “The Great Artist,” and “Womxnly,” Best Mandarin Album (2014) for Play, Best Female Mandarin Singer (2006) for Dancing Diva, and Most Popular Female Singer/Group (2018).

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She has chalked up other achievements not enumerated in this report.

Jolin Tsai husband: Is Jolin Tsai married?

She has had long-term relationships with Jay Chou, Eddie Peng, and Vivian Dawson since her debut. Tsai met Jay Chou on the Taiwanese television program Guess in January 2001.

The two were seen dating in Taiwan multiple times after being caught dining in an izakaya in Shinjuku, Japan, in December 2001. Tsai and Chou’s romance came to an end in February 2005 after Chou and Taiwanese television broadcaster Patty Hou were observed travelling in Shibuya, Japan.



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