Joost Klein wife: Is he dating or married?

We’ll find information about Joost Klein’s wife in this report. Joost Klein, also known simply as Joost is a Dutch rapper, writer and former YouTuber. He is best known for his songs “Scandinavian Boy”, “Wachtmuziek,” and “Friesenjung,” and his albums M van Marketing (with Donnie), Albino and 1983.

Joost Klein bio

Klein was raised in the Frisian village of Britsum by his parents. In 2008, he launched a YouTube channel called EenhoornJoost. He attended Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leeuwarden for high school but eventually dropped out.

From 2008 to 2016, Klein created various YouTube videos under the name EenhoornJoost, ranging from sketches to mini-documentaries. However, he now exclusively uploads music video clips to YouTube. While most of his older videos have been deleted, a few can still be viewed. Currently, Klein has amassed over 225,000 subscribers, with his videos collectively garnering more than 23 million views.

Klein’s first single, “Bitches,” became his first video to reach a million views on YouTube. He briefly signed with TopNotch in 2017 and 2018, but later decided to establish his own record label, Albino Records. On October 20, 2017, Klein released his mixtape titled Scandinavian Boy. Subsequently, he released the single “Meeuw” (‘Seagull’) on March 21, 2018, followed by “Ome Robert” (‘Uncle Robert’) a month later.

On August 3, 2018, Klein collaborated with another Dutch rapper, Donnie, to release the album M van Marketing [nl]. The album comprises 11 songs, including tracks like “Stockholm,” “Domme Patta,” “Leipe Dennis,” and “Vogel op de Hek.” To promote the album, the duo organized a special one-time performance called Viraal in Carré at the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam.

Klein’s eighth album, titled Fryslân, was released on September 13, 2022. Fryslân is the Frisian name for Klein’s birth province, Friesland. The album showcases singles like “Florida 2009,” “Wachtmuziek,” and “Papa en Mama,” and was entirely produced by Tantu Beats.

Throughout the album, listeners can hear various samples, including ones from the Dutch ska band Doe Maar and Crazy Frog. In “Florida 2009,” Klein reflects on the loss of his parents at a young age. He debuted the song at the 2022 edition of Pinkpop.

In 2023, Klein achieved his first hit in Germany with the single “Friesenjung,” a collaboration with German rapper Ski Aggu and an adaptation of a song by East Frisian comedian Otto Waalkes. The song soared to the top spot on the German Top 100 Singles chart.

That same year, Klein expressed his desire to represent the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, which will be held in Malmö, Sweden. A petition was launched by the NPO 3FM radio program VoorAan of PowNed to support Klein’s aspiration. On December 11, 2023, AVROTROS announced that Klein had been chosen as the Dutch representative for the contest.

What happened to Joost Klein?

AVROTROS, the Dutch broadcaster, has officially announced that Joost Klein will be representing the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

With his energetic performances and a rapidly growing fan base both nationally and internationally, Joost has managed to captivate audiences with his infectious beats and clever lyrics. Out of more than 600 entries, the selection committee was convinced by the “European hit potential” of his song, making him the ideal candidate to compete for the Netherlands.

Originally from Leeuwarden, a town known for its picturesque landscapes, Joost has made a name for himself as a provocative artist. Some of his notable song titles include “Fok de blok,” “Absurd,” and “Bitches,” the latter being his first YouTube video to reach one million views.

Who is Joost Klein wife?

Regrettably, our database does not contain any information regarding Joost Klein’s dating history. We are unaware of his marital status or any current romantic involvement with a woman.


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