Jordan Kustas Missing: Where Last Was  23-Year-Old Auburn University Graduate Seen?

Many readers have shown concern about the disappearance of Jordan Kustas, a 23-year-old University student.

Who is Jordan Kustas?

Jordan Kustas, a 23-year-old Auburn University graduate, went missing recently, causing alarm among his family, friends, and the larger Atlanta community. Kustas, known for his gentle demeanor, had moved to Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood after graduating.

There is no sign of Jordan Kustas who graduated from Auburn University and is well-known for his nice personality. He disappeared without a trace in the Buckhead region of Atlanta. Because of this, the general public is now concerned and seeking answers to the questions they have on the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Because Jordan has not been seen at his residence for more than six weeks, there has been an increase in the amount of suffering that his family and the community are feeling. Because of this, there has been an increase in the amount of suffering that has occurred. Together, they are conducting a thorough search for him in the hopes of finding any hints that would point to his location. They are working together to accomplish this.

To carry out this search, the community as well as his loved ones are cooperating. It is still unknown where Jordan Kustas is currently located; his most recent sighting was in a silver Hyundai Tucson from the year 2023 that was identified with North Carolina registration plates. His location is still unknown. As a consequence of this, a void has been produced. Because there is a lack of information,

Details of Disappearance

Kustas last spoke with his family on November 15. Since then, he has not communicated, which is unusual and concerning for those who know him. Jordan Kustas and his car are still missing, adding to the mystery surrounding his abduction. His unexpected and unexplained absence has left his loved ones distraught and perplexed.

The news of his abduction shook the Atlanta community, sparking a community-wide search for him. The situation is especially upsetting because he has been missing for more than six weeks with no leads or substantial changes revealed.

Call to Action by Community

With the hope of uncovering more details, the family is urging anyone with information to contact the City of Atlanta Police Department or Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta. The involvement of the community is essential in piecing together the puzzle surrounding Jordan Kustas’ disappearance.



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