José Dinis Aveiro bio: Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s father?

José Dinis Aveiro biogrpahy: Who is Cristiano Ronaldo's father?

Who is José Dinis Aveiro?

José Dinis Aveiro was a Portuguese war veteran and the father of famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. He participated in his nation’s conflict with Angola as a soldier. He returned home (a shattered man) to a Portugal that had been devastated economically and turned to drunkenness after witnessing the diseases and atrocities in African nations. This was difficult for the family.

José Dinis Aveiro bio

Aveiro was born in 1954 to Humberto Cirilo Aveiro and his wife, Filomena Aveiro, in Santo António, 9000 Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

He worked as a kit man in the club where Ronaldo played amateur football in addition to being a gardener. Ronaldo felt hurt by his colleagues’ insults about his father’s menial work and was motivated to succeed as a result. However, as fate would have it, Aveiro passed away from liver failure prior to seeing his son achieve amazing success.

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José Dinis Aveiro wife and children

Aveiro was married to a chef, Maria Dolores Dos Santos. Hugo (born 1975), Katia (born 1977), a singer, and Cristiano Ronaldo, the youngest son, were the couple’s four children (born 1985).

Ronald Reagan, a favorite Hollywood actor of Aveiro’s, was president of the United States at the time Ronaldo was born, therefore Ronaldo was given that name.

Maria Dolores, his wife, claimed that Aveiro drank virtually every day. She was the victim of his mistreatment; he did not abuse his kids. She acknowledged in 2014 that she had considered having their fourth child, Ronaldo, aborted due to their financial hardship. She tried drinking warm beer and jogging until she passed out after the doctors said they couldn’t assist her.

José Dinis Aveiro work as a military man

According to reports, Aveiro was coerced into enlisting. He participated in the African war against the Angolan colony as a Portuguese soldier. Fighting for its freedom from Portugal was the colonies. The atrocities the Portuguese troops saw in Africa had a lasting effect on the men, who ultimately lost the battle.

The conditions that the soldiers had to endure were horrible. The food was rotten by the time the supplies got to them, making them scarce. An array of illnesses, such as malaria, fever, chills, tremors, etc., plagued the half-starved troops. Additionally, it was deemed unsafe to drink the water, so the soldiers subsisted on ‘Cuca,’ a local beer from Angola.

Aveiro spent 13 months serving under trying circumstances in Mozambique and Angola.

Aveiro was a broken man upon his return from the African war. Portugal had suffered a terrible economic blow as a result of the conflict. It was challenging to find work. His friends gave him drinks at the neighborhood taverns where he frequented.

Jose Manuel Coelho, a fellow soldier, attested to the reality that the veterans of battle had neither a job nor any money. Coelho claimed that Aveiro lacked the resources even for nourishing food.

Aveiro eventually started working as a landscaper. He worked as a kit man for Santo Antonio’s football team, “Andorinha,” in the Funchal neighborhood to supplement his income. He was in charge of keeping the locker rooms clean and the player uniforms ready.

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José Dinis Aveiro relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

Alberto Martins, one of Aveiro’s close friends, recalled that Aveiro was adamant that his son will one day be prosperous and the best in the world. He was referred to as a fool by his acquaintances, but he had faith in his son’s ability. He was wrong, but the father was not present to witness his son’s enormous achievement.

Ronaldo spoke about his late father during an ITV appearance in an interview with Piers Morgan in September 2019. He admitted that he didn’t know his father very well because he was often intoxicated and the two of them didn’t engage in typical conversation.

Ronaldo acknowledged that despite not being the father he had hoped for, he was the one who gave him a love of football and some crucial life skills.

Ronaldo was given a little video clip of Aveiro that was captured by a Norwegian TV station during the interview. It was captured just before Ronaldo’s “Euro 2004” competition, which was held in Portugal, on Aveiro’s doorstep. Aveiro spoke about his son in this last video with such a sense of pride that Ronaldo, who had never seen the tape before, was brought to tears as he watched it.

Ronaldo was disappointed that his father did not live long enough to witness his son’s incredible success, including his five “Champions League” championships and record-tying five “Ballon d’Or” awards.

José Dinis Aveiro cause of death

When Ronaldo first started playing for “Manchester United,” Aveiro’s alcoholism began to have an impact on his career. Ronaldo was given permission to skip Manchester United’s Champions League group match against Villarreal when Aveiro was in severe condition in a London hospital so he could be with his father. (Ronaldo always stayed appreciative of this kind act.)

In London, England, on September 5, 2005, Aveiro passed away from liver failure.

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