Josh Duhamel Spent His First Day of Married Life in a Wheelchair While Visiting Emergency Room

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Josh Duhamel has recounted how he spent his first day as a married man to his wife, Audra Mari in a wheelchair visiting an emergency room.

Speaking in an interview with InStyle, the Shotgun Wedding star, Josh Duhamel recounted he injured himself the night before the wedding while on a party bus.

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“Imagine your first day [of marriage] you’re having to wheel your husband into the hospital,” he told the magazine.

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He continued about his injury, “I tried to hold onto one of those bars inside those buses and do a Russian gymnast and stick my feet straight out, and I did something to my lower back. I literally couldn’t move the next morning. I could not get out of bed.”

Duhamel’s hospital visit was actually the second time during the wedding festivities that the actor received medical attention — he had previously visited the facility to get some pain medication, which helped him get through the ceremony, he said.

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