Journalist Gary Al-Smith Reckons It Was Better For Prof. Mike Ocquaye Not To Be Speaker Once More For His Own Sake

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Ghanaian Sports Journalist with Joy Sports, Gary Al-Smith is of the opinion that it was important for professor Mike Aaron Ocquaye not to be Speaker of the house once more for his own sake.

According to him, Prof. Ocquaye is one of the finest brains the country has but it was good he didn’t continue as Speaker for his own sake as he has advanced in age and no longer able to cope with the physical demands of having to move about often, in the discharge of his duties.

Gary Al-Smith further reckoned it would be great if some sort of arrangement was made for him work remotely, and not subject him to so much movement as he performs state duties.

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Gary Al-Smith

He added that the old man deserves some needed rest and the fact he lost out is for his own good as he will now get the needed rest for himself.

His vast knowledge and wide-ranging experience is something all members of the house can now access regardless where they find themselves in the political divide, Gary pointed out.

He concluded by saying that Alban Bagbin, who was elected Speaker by the house, presents a worthy replacement for Professor Ocquaye in terms of the dept of knowledge as Bagbin has been in parliament for more than two decades.

Gary Al-Smith wrote:

I cannot emphasise how important it was for Professor Mike Ocquaye to not be Speaker once more.

First, for his own sake.

And, eventually, for the sake of the country that deserves its best minds to be preserved and allowed a well-deserved rest.

Mentally, he may be sharp (he is). Indeed, it is on record that the 7th Parliament passed nearly 3x bills into law than the average record of the other six Parliaments in the 4th Republic. And this was under the leadership of Prof Ocquaye.

But the physical demands on the good man are difficult to watch on a daily basis. If there were some arrangement for him work remotely, and not subject him to so much movement as he performs state duties, great.

Those who encouraged and prodded the old man to accept nomination must look deeply into themselves. And ask themselves some hard questions about when they, too, become old and frail.

There is dignity in labour. And every man must be allowed his period of rest and tranquillity.

If it is his wide-ranging experience we sought to preserve, I dare say the good Professor can now offer his wisdom in a more statesmanly fashion, to all members of the House, regardless of which side they are on.

Furthermore, in Speaker Alban Bagbin, we’ve arguably the best replacement for Prof in terms of depth.

I don’t know which three NPP members’ votes swayed the polls, and why they did it. But whatever their reason, well done.

PS: Asiedu Nketia’s jab at Prof Ocquaye was very inelegant. General could have made his point more respectfully.

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