Journalist recounts how she was stopped from filming in front of the Jubilee house amidst Meek Mill’s video shoot brouhaha

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A Ghanaian journalist identified as Nuong Faalong has recounted how she was stopped by the securities of the Presidency when she tried to take a video for a story.

This revelation from the young lady comes after the brouhaha concerning the controversial video shoot of American rapper, Meek Mill.

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Ghanaians woke up to the video shoot of American rapper, Meek Mill with his team at the jubilee house shooting a music video. A lot of Ghanaians have reacted to the video and have lambasted the rapper including the government for disrespecting the pride of the country, Jubilee House.

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Recounting an incident she had with the securities of the Jubilee House, the young journalist took to her page and wrote;

Read her full post below…

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Many years ago, a Camera Man called Francis and I grabbed some equipment and headed out looking for the perfect spot to shoot a story.

We stood at the Afrikiko intersection, turned around, and shot a few ’stand uppers’. It didn’t look good enough, the story was political so we inched closer to Jubilee house, I stood on the grass with Jubilee behind me in the background and we started to roll …. BOOM!!!

Security came running out real quick, grabbed our equipment, and took us inside, we went through all kinds of security processes on the compound, and finally went to see the head of Security and then Director of Coms Eugene Arhin who cleared us to leave after we promised to desist.

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Our videos had been long deleted.

I never mentioned it because I was not mad, I am certain everyone involved was just doing their job.

Why am I saying it now?

Meek Mill be owning my country past me.

This week I have seen a few posts questioning why foreigners hype Ghana while Ghanaians put Ghana down, some of the posts went further to say “we are our own enemies”, “nation of whiners and complainers“, nye, nye, nye, nye. The Ghanaians who complain deserve to be heard, nobody hates Ghana just because they do not agree with your spin. You don’t get to label them and drag them for props.

If you treat a guest better than your children, of course, they will speak better of you than your kids. But is that what makes you a good parent?

If foreigners are quickly elevated and given all kinds of access over and above local women like me, of course, they will go and blow your Trumpet louder. Our experiences of the country are different!

This ‘lure’ package allows them to run riot without restrictions or repercussions. They get access and sweetheart deals. We get the rough edges.

Frankly, when some of them hype the country, Ghanaians cannot even relate.

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