Joyce Blessing feels happy; mocks Nana Agradaa after her marriage brouhaha  

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Joyce Blessing finally got the last laugh, and Nana Agradaa won’t like how she teases her over the next few days.

In December of last year, rumors spread that Joyce Blessing’s husband had taken a DNA test and found that one of their children was not his.

Nana Agradaa was one of the many Ghanaians who criticized and attacked her for making the Christendom look bad.

Agradaa said that she knew a day would come when Joyce Blessing’s pretentiousness would make God embarrassed.

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She said that it was an abomination for someone who claimed to serve God to be involved in such a scandal, and she told the singer to get a pastor to help her.

She strongly warned church leaders not to do anything with Joyce Blessing unless she admitted her sins.

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Nana Agradaa, on the other hand, is now taking a dose of the bitter drugs she gave Joyce Blessing.

Since two weeks ago, the woman who used to be a fetish priestess has been arguing with her own husband about how their spiritual father is almost destroying their marriage

In one of her IG live videos, Nana Agradaa cried about how she bought the late Apraku My Daughter’s church building for $9 billion so her husband could become an independent man of God, but the money was wasted because he’s still with their spiritual father (Sofo Kyere).

Nana Agradaa also said in another video that she would chase her husband with a cutlass if he ever changed his mind about working with her again after she became famous in the gospel ministry.

Joyce Blessings has been watching Nana Agradaa’s online fight with her husband. In a new video, she gives her first thoughts on the whole thing.

In this video, Joyce Blessing made fun of Nana Agradaa for having to deal with marital problems in the past and unfairly judged her.

She also made fun of her $9 billion church investment, which, based on how things are going, has no future.


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