Joycelyn Dumas Would Love Manifest To be The First Ghanaian to Pick UP a Grammy-But Why?

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What if i could prove to you that Joycelyn Dumas would really want to see Manifest being the first Ghanaian to pick up a Grammy Award. Yeah, even with celebrities they also have their celebrities they adore sooo much and would support them in everything.

Yeah, so like a celebrity who is an actor/actress would have a favorite celebrity he/she likes in the music industry and vice versa. It does not only take that form but other forms too. So even a Ghanaian celeb who is a musician would have a favorite celeb musician who is in say the States. You get what i mean right?

Now, it is no doubt that Manifest is a talented musician. I love his music, his lyrics are always on point, and i know it is the dream of every other artiste to pick up a Grammys.

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Surprisingly, Joycelyn Dumas would prefer Manifest to be the first Ghanaian to pick up the Grammys. She listens to Manifest a lot, although she does listen to other Ghanaian and African artistes. She might not mind if Sarkodie, Shatta Wale or R2bees get to pick it first but she would go gaga if Manifest gets to pick it first in Ghana and Manifest sure agrees with her.



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Well, you’ve seen that above, so i am sure right huh? Drop your comments below on what you also think.


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