Juan Williams Net Worth: Check His Worth

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He is a renowned American journalist and author whose work has appeared in well-known publications including The Atlantic and The Times, as well as periodicals like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. What is Juan Williams net worth today?

In this article, we are going to learn about how much money the journalist has made in his career.

Journalism remains one of the noblest professions; is it also a profession that makes a lot of people rich? What is the worth of the celebrated journalist, Juan Williams?

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Before we zoom in on how much money he has made in his career, let’s get to know who he is and how his career evolved.

Juan Williams Net Worth: Who is He?

Juan Antonio Williams was born in Panama on April 10, 1954.

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He is an American journalist and political analyst for Fox News. Juan Williams’ father was from the West Indies, and his mother was from Panama.

Williams claimed in 2018 that he and his mother, along with his two siblings, legally migrated to the United States from Panama when he was four years old on a banana boat.

The family briefly resided in Pleasantville, New Jersey before traveling to Brooklyn, New York.

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Education and Career

As we seek to know Juan Williams net worth, it is also important that we learn about his educational background and how his career began.

In 1972, Juan Williams received his diploma from Poughkeepsie, New York’s Oakwood Friends School.

He studied at Pennsylvania’s Haverford College, where he earned a degree in philosophy in 1976.

At The Washington Post, Williams began his journalism career before joining National Public Radio (NPR) in 2000.

NPR terminated his contract after he joined the Fox News cast and started making derogatory remarks about Muslims and Michelle Obama on the Fox program “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Is Juan William Married?

Juan Williams wife

If Juan Williams net worth is important to anyone, it must be his wife and kids; is the journalist married or not?

Juan Williams is a married man. He married Susan Delise in July 1978.

Juan Williams wife is an American writer and actress called Susan Delise with whom he has three children: Rae, and two sons, Antonio and Raphael.

Antonio served as the Senate intern and page for Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, the legislative correspondent, and speechwriter for Republican Senator Norm Coleman, and he unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the District of Columbia Council.

Raphael, their youngest son, attended Haverford College where he double majored in anthropology and lacrosse.

He formerly served as the communications director for Benishek for Congress and The House Committee on Rules.

Juan Williams Net Worth

As a journalist, writer, author, and commentator, Juan Williams net worth is estimated to be in the region of $2 million.

From 1999 to October 2010, he served as a senior news analyst for NPR.

Prior to that, he spent 23 years as an editorial writer, op-ed columnist, White House correspondent, and national correspondent at The Washington Post.

Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954–1965 is written by Juan Williams.

He also earned multiple accolades for investigative journalism and his opinion articles, as well as an Emmy Award and favorable reviews for his television documentaries.


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