Judith Miller Husband: Meet Martin Miller?

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She exchanged vows with Martin Miller in 1978 for what they expected to be a lifetime of bliss, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. What do we know about Judith Miller husband?

In this article, we will highlight her achievements, as well as talk about her husband.

What do you know about Judith Miller?

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In other not to get confused with the name, as other professionals bear the same name, we need to emphasize that Judith here is a Scottish author, broadcaster, and antiques expert, and not the American journalist with the same name.

Judith Miller Early Life and Career

Scottish author, broadcaster, and antiques expert Judith Henderson Miller, who lived between 16 September 1951 – April 2023, passed away in April.

In the wake of her death, several people have been looking out for more information about her.

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Dominating the discussions is who Judith Miller husband, Martin Miller is.

Miller, who was born Judith Henderson Cairns in Galashiels, Scotland, started her antiques collection when she was a history student at the University of Edinburgh.

She and her first husband, Martin Miller, co-wrote the Miller’s Antiques Price Guide in 1979.

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Miller served as a consultant and co-presenter for eight ITV-aired episodes of Meridian, HTV, and Discovery’s The Antiques Trail.

She has additionally hosted the Discovery Channel program It’s Your Bid.

She frequently contributed as a subject matter expert to both Priceless Antiques Roadshow and the BBC Antiques Roadshow.

On BBC Two, Miller co-hosted The House Detectives.

Miller regularly contributed to newspapers and magazines, writing a four-page story on “Starting a Collection” for BBC Homes & Antiques.

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She also contributed a monthly piece to the Financial Times weekend supplement “House and Home” and an antiques column to The Scotsman Magazine.

She wrote a twice-weekly column for the Saturday Telegraph property supplement about collecting and antiques. Miller served as Antiques and Collectables magazine’s “antique agony aunt.”

She often contributed to US Traditional Home and Country Living and authored a monthly column for Canadian Home and Country magazine.

Miller also gave frequent talks at the Smithsonian and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Judith Miller Husband

Judith Miller
Judith Miller

Martin Miller became Judith Miller husband in 1978. They lived together as a couple for more than a decade before their divorce in 1992.

Miller, her youngest child, and her second husband, John Wainwright, resided in North London.

At the age of 71, Miller passed away in April of 2023.

Judith Miller husband, Martin Miller is also a writer. He was born on November 24, 1946.

When “The Lyle Official Antiques Review” by Martin Miller was released in 1970, it became an instant success.

The first edition of “Miller’s Antiques Price Guide” was released in 1979 and quickly rose to become the standard for both the antiques industry and the ardent antiques hunter.

His “Antiques Source Book” debuted in 2000 to comparable critical praise & sales.


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