JuJu and Des; Everything To Know About These YouTube Duo

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Julius Brown, one of the half dup of the popular Des & JuJu fame was born in Tacoma, Washington, the United States of America on the year 1st May, 1997. He has grown from broth to become one of the most famous YouTubers alongside his other half, Destiny Rodriguez.

Julius Brown is a male among six other siblings. He has two sisters and a younger brother he loves so much. However, the popular YouTuber has chosen not to unveil the identity of his siblings or parents for reasons best known to himself.

Sometime back, Julius Brown was represented by WTA Models but now he has become solely independent with regards to his career as a YouTuber or influencer.

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The other half of the popular YouTube duo, Juju & Des, Destiny Rodriguez was also born on 11th January, 1995. Meaning Destiny is two years older than Julius Brown. She is an American citizen who has Latin ancestry. She kick started her career with a doughnut-eating challenge and uploaded it on YouTube.


JuJu and Des Relationship


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The popular YouTube duo are doing all they can to keep some of their information away from the media. According to the love birds in one of their videos which was released on 21st July, 2018; they told the story of exactly how their paths met and how they fell in love.

According to them, they met for the first time as admirers through a mutual friend. Julius claimed that, he fell in love with Destiny at that same moment. Sources state that their union did not begin with a hello or hi but rather, Julius went straight by asking “Can I get a Sprite?”

However, the two went on a hike and that was conducive enough to get to know each other better. They also went on a couple of dates before finally starting a serious romantic relationship with each other.

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Somewhere in April 2021, Des & Juju got engaged and later announced to their followers their pregnancy. After a few moments, the couple was blessed with a bouncing baby boy.


JuJu and Des YouTube


The duo have stuck to the routine of posting videos on YouTube almost every single day. However, it should be known that, the couple always collaborate with each other throughout their career as popular YouTubers.

Some of their most popular videos on the channel were reaction videos, prank videos, mukbangs and truth or drink. They have been able to structure their channel with these so well that is earning them so much money.

Starting off with building the Des & JuJu channel, Destiny Rodriguez was always behind the camera because she was shy. But her boyfriend, Julius Brown encouraged her to try her hands on. According to the couple, they have faced some challenges but they were able to withstand them and overcame the boos.

JuJu and Des have revealed that, they work together on almost all their videos and to that, they have chosen YouTubing as their full-time profession. Both couples and team players are also into modelling for the brand FashionNova. So in all, they make a huge sum of money from both careers.


JuJu and Des Net Worth

The couple has an estimated net worth of about$500,000. As of 2022, the couple has been able to garner more than a 1.4million subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Also, it is recorded that, their site has more than 250 million views across all their videos. Estimated, the ads on their videos should be able to generate an amount of $800 in a day which is equal to $290,000 for a year in revenue.

Destiny Rodriguez Age

The young beautiful YouTuber is 27 years of age as of 2022. She was born on 11th January, he just goes to squander the money.

JuJu and Des Real Name

Factually, Juju’s real name is Julius Brown and Des’s real name is also called Destiny Rodriguez.

Summary Profile

Name: Julius Brown, Destiny Rodriguez

Also Known As: JuJu and Des

Date of Births: 1st May, 1997 and 11th January, 1995

Age: 25 years and 27 years of age as of 2022

Place of Birth: Tacoma, Washington, United States of America.

Career: YouTubers

Net Worth: $500,000 approximately.


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