Saturday, December 5, 2020

‘People Fear Nigerians All Over The World Because Of Juju In Our Movies’- Reno Omokri

Former Presidential aide, author and social media influencer, Reno Omokri has blamed Nigeria’s movie industry, Nollywood for making the world see Nigerians as people who so much obsessed with voodooism. 

In a new Twitter post to drive home his message, Reno said his visit to many African and Caribbean countries have revealed the misconception people have about Nigerians, that once you are from that country you are a fetish, owing to the numerous portrayal of juju themed movies.

He revealed that many foreigners fear Nigerians not because of advanced fraud [419] but because of juju’ which he blamed on the country’s film industry.

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He stated:

“I have been to many African and Caribbean countries. Once they know you are Nigerian, many become wary. Not because of 419. But because of juju. Nollywood has conditioned them to see all Nigerians as fetish juju people. We did this to ourselves!”

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