Julia Lazar Franco: Cause Of Death Of Tom Franco’s Wife

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Julia Lazar Franco was, until her passing, was the other half of American actor, Tom Franco; what cause the death of Tom Franco’s wife?

Tom Franco’s wife Julia Lazar Franco was a woman known for doing many things, most notably as the lead singer in the band known and referred to as Exit.

She was also a camera operator, a publicist and a manager who took care of the Tom Franco brothers’ business.

Julia Lazar Franco biography

Tom Franco’s Wife
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Julia Franco was born on 7th November 1957 in Vienna, Austria.

He parents were Imre Lazar and Marika Nagy.

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Her dad, Imre Lazar was a renowned filmmaker while her mother, Marika Nagy, was an artist who excelled in drawing and painting.

Julia Franco spent about 10 years in California where she honed her cultural and artistic skills.

Julia Lazar Franco move to India

Tom Franco’s wife, in a bid to strengthen her spirituality, Julia Franco moved to Ganeshpuri, India in the early 1990s.

While in India, she joined what was believed to be a secluded religious dwelling known as Ashram and became in charge of their dieting/kitchen.

Julia Lazar Franco then moved to Paris to study at the Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and then returned to California in the 2000s and joined another Ashram in the Bay Area where she met the love of her life and famed art collector, Tom Franco.

Relationship with Tom Franco

Julia Lazar Franco
Julia Lazar Franco

Julia and Tom date for quite a while before finally getting married.

Starting from 2004, they had been together through to 2014.

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In 2004, Tom Franco formed The Firehouse Collective, a non-profit organization that provides affordable space for artists, who would, ideally, create a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration, and for which Franco picked Julia to be one of the first organization’s managers.

Julia Lazar Franco Net Worth

Julia, for her hard work until her demise had a net worth of $1 million.

Julia Lazar Franco Death

Julia’s death came as a shock.

With many trying to find out what caused her death, it was said that she had contracted a chronic liver disease while she was a teenager which caused complications in her adult life.

In her last years, Julia Franco suffered from liver cancer, hepatitis C and kidney failure which consequently caused her death.

Julia’s husband, Tom Franco

Tom Franco
Tom Franco

Thomas Andrew Franco is an American actor, artist, and the founder of the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley, California.

He is the brother of actors James Franco and Dave Franco.

Tom was born on April 14, 1980, in Palo Alto, California, United States.

Julia died on the 25th of August 2014.


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