Julie Brady: All The Facts About Tom Brady’s Sister

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Julie Brady is an American citizen, whose popularity arguably stems from being Tom Brady’s sister. Tom is a popular NFL quarterback, who turns out for the New England Patriots.

In this article, we will put together all of the facts that you need to know about Tom Brady’s sister, Julie and that includes her age, net worth, husband, kids, and any other thing that you might not have known about her.

Apart from being Tom Brady’s sister, Julie has her own identity too.

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So who is she?

Julie Brady biography

Tom Brady's sister

Julie was born on August 3, 1974, in California to Galynn Patricia Brady and Tom Brady Sr.

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She would be 48 years old by August 3, 2022.

Julie was born with the Zodiac sign, Leo, and aside from Tom Brady, she has two other siblings; Nancy and Maureen Brady.

She went to St. Mary’s College, California, where she played soccer.

She plays soccer even now in the Bay area but in a recreational manner.

According to astrologers claim that the people born under the sign of Leo are natural-born leaders, and they tend to be dramatic, artistic, self-assured, very difficult to oppose, leading, and able to accomplish anything they want to in any area of life they commit to.

Julie Brady parents

Julie Brady parents have been together for a little over four decades.

Julie’s father, Tom Brady Sr., is of Irish descent and was born on May 6, 1944, in San Francisco, California.

He used to be an insurance counsellor for years, and his son Brady Jr. credits his competitiveness on the field to his father.

Brady Sr. also has a keen interest in sports and likes to play golf and baseball.

Julie Brady’s mother, Galynn, married Brady Sr. on April 19, 1969, and the couple has been in each other’s company ever since.


She is Tom Brady’s sister, which makes them siblings.

But Tom isn’t her only sibling but he is the one that is more popular than the other two siblings that she has.

Julie and her brother Tom Brady share a beautiful relationship of loving siblings.

Although Tom and Brady were not born together, Julie Brady is sometimes called Tom Brady’s “twin sister.”

That’s because they have their birthdays on the same day, on August 3.

However, Tom Brady was born in 1977, making Julie Tom’s elder sister by a good three years.


Julie Brady

Who is her husband?

Julie is married twice.

Her former relationship could not go that well, but later marriage has gone pretty well.

She is a happily married wife and a caring mother to her kids.

Tom Brady’s sister, Julie is married to former baseball player Kevin Youkilis.

The couple started dating each other in 2011, and just within a year, the pair got engaged and got married in April 2012.

They got married in a silent wedding ceremony in New York City in the presence of their family and close friends.

Kevin Youkilis used to play as a first baseman and third baseman for teams like the Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees.

After his time in the MLB and plenty of injuries, Kevin used some time playing ball overseas.


She has three children of her own and lives with Youkilis in Los Gatos, California.

Currently, Julie is actively taking care of her family and raising her children to be achievers and responsible adults.

Net worth

Due to the unknown facts, Julie Brady’s job details, her earnings are hidden.

Likewise, no information can proudly state the facts on the actual earnings of Julie.


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