Juliet Ibrahim Confesses She Wants To Date American Singer Chris Brown

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It looks as though Juliet Ibrahim has not learnt her lessons after suffering from series of heartbreaks from men she gave her all to emotionally.

I’m saying this because she just said she wants to date American superstar, Chris Brown when she opened up about her personal life during a chat with LITV.

She wants Chris Brown to get in between her legs? A fresh boy like Chris Brown who has so much ego and money will dump her the next minute and I don’t think you need any science theory to prove this.

Well, Juliet said she wants an honest man in her next relationship so the question is, can Chris Brown offer her that?

“I don’t look for things in people. I don’t try to have expectations,” she told LITV. “But I know that if I meet someone and he’s honest enough and that spark is there… that’s what I look for. I like honesty. I like people who are blunt, from the beginning you just pour it all out.”

She also opened up about the crush she has on Chris Brown and what she’s doing about it.

She said: “I want to date Chris Brown.”

She added: “I don’t know, I like him. I have a crush on him.”

She continued jokingly in pidgin: “Why do you want to know my secret? The DMs upon DMs that I don send, e no dey read am.”

Getting serious, she said: “I think if I want to meet him, it’s very easy. I know people that know him sort of. But, I just have a crush on him, so it’s not like… But if he comes, we’ll go on that date oh.”

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