Did Juliet Ibrahim Just Meet The Love Of Her Life? She’s Blushing Already!

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She’s been divorced for a year already, but it was only made officially to the public some few months ago. Juliet Ibrahim, cum musician who broke up with husband, Kwadwo Safo, whom she had a child with.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, they had to breakup because there was misunderstandings in the marriage and her husband’s family members did not treat her well. She stated that, their marriage happened because she got pregnant for his ex husband during the time they were just friends. “Things got out of hand, and i became pregnant for him, and the right thing was for him to marry me” Although the divorce had ended long ago, she did not want the public to know of it as at that time even when the rumours were soo loud everywhere, because there was a child involved and that she had wanted to treat the matter discretely.

In a later press release, she finally informed the public of her divroce which was once an enviable one for ost people who looked up to her as a role model. Ghbase.Com has discovered that, soon enough another wedding bells could be ringing, and we will be recieveing an invitation anytime soon.

Around the world, celebrities just like any average person also face marriage challenges, but that does not stop them from falling in love all over again. Juliet is no doubt a very beautiful woman with physical qualities any man would die for, and each time the most beautiful celebrities of Africa are mentioned, she makes the list. Her hips and curves do not lie and it appears it’s grabbed the attention of some bachelor.

Ghbase.com has chanced upon a post of hers on her official instagram page with the caption “No need to rush things. When u meet the right one you will simply feel it deep down in ur soul all smiles. Grateful to God I’m alive and I’m happy! He calls me his African princess”

We don’t need to know rocket science before we can tell, our dear Juliet Ibrahim is falling in love. But who is this mystery man? Well, several names come up, but then, she always has seasonal best friends, and we don’t want to conclude on who that person is already, although we have a name.

We at GhBase.com will be keeping our ears on the ground and bring you all the gist very very sooon.

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