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So was the person who directed this video paid? Yes, am asking, because, i was really surprised when i laid eyes on it for the first time on youtube, infact i had to watch the video for about 5 times to be sure my eyes were not decceving me. Listen, let’s be objective here because i know Juliet Ibrahim is a great actress and am a fan of her movies but this music video is just a total waste. I know because she is a celebrity already, most people will not be able to see the flaws of that music video she did with Kay Dizzle. I laughed at the first 30 seconds or so, infact i loved the comic there, but after that, the rest were just awful, i mean you would be forced to continue watching it because of the girls in it and how they were shaking their bumps. I do not want to sound like i am being too harsh but seriously, the video has no format. The track’s title has nothing to do with the music at all and we only see them wearing some traffic jjackets and did Juliet feature the guy or the guy featured Juliet, because i did not even hear Juliet sing for more than 20 seconds in the whole video, the only thing she did was to use her beauty to brighten it up. Well, she also saidd that, they are representing african women and yet, we did not see any african costume in the whole video. I do not want to go on but i think music is not a thing for Juliet Ibrahim, she should just focus on acting unless of course she just wants to sing for fun, because if we keep making music videos like this, how can we beat the nigerians?

Well, i hope to interview her and ask her these questions, i love what she’s doing with her foundation BUT this music video, “HMMMM” well, watch it very well and tell me if i am wrong.


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