Juliet Ibrahim Is Not A Piece Of Wood – Its Right She Got Angry At HATERS And Expressed It

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Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, was reported to have insulted a fan and for that matter, her conduct was puerile and not deserving of a mentor, but, I beg to largely differ!

Juliet Ibrahim was humbly seated somewhere pondering over her life and the way forward – as a divorcee who still looks ravishing with one child. Two supposed fans appear on her twitter page and posts the below after the actress posted a photo of herself with American singer-Bobby V:

Fan 1: Get a man nd stop sleeping wit stars.

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Fan 2 : Julie u a mum….stop fuckin around.

The headline of the reported story was: Juliet Ibrahim Insults Fans On Tweeter. Point is, fans are people who love and support what they believe in. Fans or true fans don’t destroy what they love and appreciate; so per derivative logic, those two who posted those comments at Juliet are not or cannot be considered fans – they are raw haters!

No true and loyal fan of Juliet Ibrahim could do that. Those two simply hate the lady and publicly declared it. Those comments cannot in anyway improve the life of Juliet Ibrahim or her career, but one that can make her lock up in a room and shed tears all day, go through depression, or do something harmful to herself!

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If Juliet Ibrahim is their sister, would they have posted such comments at her? I empathize with Juliet Ibrahim in this regard! As a human being who has feelings, Juliet got angry and reacted:

Juliet Ibrahim to Fan 2: I bet your mom didn’t fuck around to born your useless crack head? She goat

Juliet Ibrahim to Fan 1: ur mother and sisters pussy is what I use to fuck around with fool!

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Juliet Ibrahim to Fan 1: gay ass looking motherfucker!

Juliet Ibrahim to Fan 2: guess what ur father just called to tell me he just finished fucking ur asshole homo! Dumb goat.

Life is such that some human beings don’t deserve to be treated with respect due to their actions and mood – that is why no human being spends time and money to cook and nicely present it to a mad man to eat, but, eats and after, takes the left over to him. I don’t have any problem with Juliet’s reply and I don’t expect her to have just laughed over that with a comment: LOL!

As far as I’m concerned, she only poured back the same words and emotions to those two haters. It’s like your next house neighbor throws shit into your compound and you pick it and throw it back into the fellow’s compound – there is nothing wrong with that!

That is the law of Karma. It says – to every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. Those two don’t deserve any respect from Juliet or any human being for posting those foul words.

Sometimes let’s have feelings for celebrities. Celebrities are not pieces of wood – so do not have feelings. Even metaphysics teaches us that trees have feelings and so reacts to stimuli. Celebrities or famous people are also made up of flesh and blood, stool and urine just like any other human being! They get happy, sad, angry, laugh, cry, etc.

When I insult you, it will pain you – so do celebrities! Some say she should not have reacted – that is you and how you would have reacted. You can force your approach on her or anyone.

To those who are positing that her action was asinine and is not deserving of a mentor, once again, bear in mind – to every effect, there is a cause. She did not just wake up and started insulting them. However, the issue of Juliet Ibrahim being arrogant is on the lips of many I’ve chat with. I urge her to correct that impression – how she does it, is her own problem. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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