Julliet Ibrahim joins many to ask for justice for an old woman who was accused of witchcraft and lynched to death

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Actress Julliet Ibrahim joined the train to ask for justice for the 90 year old woman who was gruesomely murdered.

Reports were rife on social media when an old woman was lynched for being a witch.

Some people in Kafaba a town near Salaga accused an innocent old woman of witchcraft. She was accused of causing drought in the village. A fetish priest in the village pronounced judgement on her and she was murdered in the open.

Police are on a hunt for the people who committed the grievous deed.

The hashtag #JusticeforNanabaa is trending on Twitter with patrons urging the security personnel to bring people who committed these acts to book.

Renowned actress Julliet Ibrahim also joined the hashtag with a tweet

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