Jungkook Tattoos : place of Tattoo, Symbols and Meaning

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Jeon Jeong-guk popularly known as Jungkook is a popular South Korean singer and music producer under the Big Hit Entertainment. He served as the main vocalist of the BTS sensational boy group.

However, he debuted in the year 2013 with the group which resulted to his becoming of a worldwide sensation.

Jungkook attended the Global Cyber University but his course of study is yet to be discovered. He fluently speaks Basic English, Korean and Japanese. His fandom is ARMY.

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Jungkook’s tattoos meaning

Jungkook has many hand tattoos. ARMY is fit BTS’s fandom but also contains R and M for RM and Min Yoongi. The A in it is an inverted V for V and the J represent Jin, Jinjin, and J-Hope.

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Purple Heart and 0613

The heart represents an expression of his everlasting affection for his members and fans. 9613 is the date BTS debuted which was June 13, 2013.

Crown and smiley face

The grown represents the BTS as the Kings of K-Pop. The Smiley face is his favorite emoji or may be just a stylistic detailel


The shield tattoo represents the ARMY logo. It is not clear why he choose to have the ARMY logo rather than BTS logo

A collection of Jungkook tattoos

Rather be dead than cool

He has a crossword tattoo on his forearm. Rather be dead than cool is vertically lettered in the design. It is a quote from the Stay Away song by Nirvana

Make hay while the sun shines

The tattoo which was horizontally phrased in the crossword can’t be seen easily but it was briefly seen in BTS’s ON MV.

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Skeleton hand and black stripes

It has its pinky and inDecember fingers pointing up in a classic rock on gesture and its highlight of Jungkook’s Rather be dead than cool. It has a resemble of the stripes of South Korea’s flag, geon which implies justice

Tiger lily

The Tiger lily tattoo represents his birth flower. It has the words Please line me behind it.


The Trith tattoo was first seen at the BTS Focus version of the Kinetic Manifesto Film titled Come Prima MV. It represents his GOT7. His friends Mark and Yugyeom also have tattooed in the same place


Since Tigers are good luck symbols that represents courage and pride, there is no doubt that Jungkook has it tattooed on his body

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