Just Bad! Video Of The Slay Queen Who Died Because Of Abuse Of Tramadol Sleeping In A Club Pops Up

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Your favorite Entertainment news blog earlier shared a story with you about how a girl perceived to be a slay queen lost her life because of the abuse of Tramadol. The girl who is known as Candy Barbie who died with another friend of hers known as Cha Chaa were always high on Tramadol.

Although there have been several campaigns by Ghone TV especially to educate people on why they need to put a stop to the abuse of Tramadol, most people still continue to abuse the drug even though its dangerous for their own health.

From observations on Social media, some Ghanaians are not saddened by her death as most people are of the opinion that she brought that upon herself when she decided to abuse drugs knowing very well that, it would end up killing her one day.

Candy Barbie is reported to have lost her life due to the abuse of Tramadol
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A new video of her dozing off in a club has been shared on Social media and it’s hard to understand why, the youth of today would want to put themselves in such embarrassing situations.

Watch the video today, you wouldn’t want this to be you or a friend, so let’s all stop abusing tramadol and other drugs.

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It’s just sad people! Very Sad!