“Just Know That All Is Not Well At Home If A Boss Always Fixes Meetings At 8:00am

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A social media commentator has asserted that it is a sign of tension at home when a man fixes a meeting at 8:00am.

Oftentimes, meetings are fixed for very early hours In the morning to make way for the other activities of the day.

But the social media user, Olaniyi believes anyone that fixes a meeting at 8:00 in the morning doesn’t have a settled home.

He believes that one would still have been cuddling their partners in the room by then, and so fixing a meeting for so early means they just want to find a route out of the house because of the tension at home.

“Anybody that fixes meeting at 8am doesn’t have a settled home. Because you are supposed to still be cuddling your wife,”

Olaniyi wrote on Twitter.

It is quite the case that a lot of married people leave home very early for work and also return late.

This often creates suspicions that the other is cheating.

Most of the times, it is the troubles their spouses give them at home that make them leave early and come back late.

Olaniyi, thus, has a point with his assertion, but many are the people that would disagree with him because it is not entirely the case that they want to escape the fire at home, but they just want to hold the meetings early to pave way for the days’ business because of productivity.

Work hours should not be used for meetings, and it is just prudent to hold them in the morning so that the time they should use for work is not wasted.

See Olaniyi’s post below;

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