Sensational Ghanaian Actress, Vivian Jill Lawrence has heatedly debunked rumors that she has been refusing offers from a section of Kumasi movie producers due to her newly found love called arrogant.

Rumour peddling around is that actress Vivian Jill Lawrence, C.E.O of Jill’s Pub at Patasi, a suburb of Kumasi has become selective and arrogant; she has been declining scripts from movie producers for roles she thinks is not good for her.

Confirming the news to Ashh fm entertainment zone, the actress said, some persons within the industry have been spreading lies about her career.

“I have been hearing from some producers and other crew members that, I Vivian have chosen not to work with them because the characters they give to me  in their movies don’t favor me, which to me is far from the truth. How can I do that?”.

Vivian Jill told E- Zone last Sunday that, she was shocked when she heard the news adding that she is serious with her work and will not exhibit that behaviour towards her colleagues.

‘’Am very serious about my acting and don’t toy with it at all, so how can I refuse offers from producers who are making me big in the film industry’’

‘’I think those persons who are spreading that lies against me are dreaming or maybe they are  foreigners and just want to dent  my image’’

The award-winning actress further revealed that, she has no grudge with any producer, director or colleague actors.

When asked if any actor has complained about her supposed selective and arrogant beahviour, she answered that such thing has never happened and she believe no one can make such remarks.

She called on her fellows to stop peddling falsehood about their colleagues.


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