Just Look How Beautiful My Watermelons Are-Yvonne Nelson

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Friday, 5th September was the premiere of  the sequel movie, Single, Married and Complicated!  The anxiety of  many movie lovers to see that movie was finally quenched except for those of us who couldn’t make it either as a result of financial complications or no dress or perhaps, we just didn’t get the time to go watch. Well, if you couldn’t watch the movie, don’t worry it will be re-premiered again in cinemas soon, but you can still get to watch what Yvonne Nelson got to wear. She looks very very sophisticated in this lovely dress with some blue eye shade to match her shoes. Her triangular ear ring cannot be left out, no one knows why she had to wear one that long, but hey that’s celebrities for, always want to do something different.

We cannot stop but fixate our eyes on those two beautiful oranges, that are stuck on her chest forever. Yvonne must have intentionally put on a dress like that, just to show some cleavage and tell all the young and rich bachelors out there, how beautiful her breasts looks like.  We all know how long Yvonne Nelson has not had sex and she’s not had any new boyfriend ever since Iyanya left. Her dress is very elegant, and was the perfect dress to have worn to the premiere of her own produced movie.

nelson nelson-yvonne- yvonne

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So, zoom in pretty well and have a look, because probably that’s how far you would see. What do you also think of her dress?


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