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Justin Bieber has married his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin, according to a story on TMZ  and he decided to marry her without a prenup.

The couple got married last month in New York City, just the same day they got their marriage license at the courthouse. The witness was Josh Mehl, a friend of Justin’s who attends Churchome in Los Angeles.

As TMZ reported, Justin and Hailey both reached out to lawyers for a prenup, but now the plot thickens. We’re told they reached out the very same day they got hitched, but there was no way to get a prenup drafted and signed that quickly.

So, Justin and Hailey got married without a prenup and there’s been no movement to have one drafted now. It’s called a postnup — same as a prenup but signed after the marriage.

One source said Justin is so in love he doesn’t see the need for one. How’s this for a need — Justin’s net worth is estimated at $250 million and Hailey is reportedly worth a couple of mil.

We’re told they still plan to have a formal ceremony, but it would be a ceremony in name only because they are already husband and wife.

Source: Tmz.com