k.o.g and the zongo brigade .

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k.o.g the  the genius  giving out his best
k.o.g the the genius giving out his best

10375152_706753622715756_7753578751506839279_n[1]Traveling out of Ghana all away to the united Kingdom today.there are many Ghanains out there who are doing mavellously well. went on treasure hunting and found this
extraordinary music band in the united Kingdom
k.o.g and the zongo brigade.10615444_755338297857288_3116545786728563132_n[1]

9piece ensemble with diverse origins and very varied taste in music combine to bring you african grooves blended with mainstream genres. With the leadership of K.O.G the Ghanaian born songwriter , a ‘ BOTWE’ for that matter .”Band amazing performer they certainly bring genuine indigenous west african grooves which are then fused and injected with fabulous melodies and energy provided by the very versatile and deep rapper Franz Von. Ed Chestar (bass), Henry Chestar (drums/percussion), Tom Wylie (Guitar/music ), Laurie Jones ( Percussion/drums/vocal), Dave Nicholas (Keys/music) Ben Hoblyn (trumpet), Rich Harrisson (sax)..check out their live studio LP “AKWAABA” out soon!!
for more info contact k.o.g and the zongo brigade on Facebook and click like.
or visit YouTube for more sick tunes..


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