Kalybos Reacts To People Bashing Him And Other Celebrities For Campaigning Against John Dumelo In His Constituency

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Comic actor Kalybos has finally reacted to people bashing him and other celebrities for campaigning against John Dumelo in his constituency.

Yesterday videos and photos of some celebrities came out where they were seen campaigning for the NPP Parliamentary candidate at Ayawaso West Wugon which happens to be the very place their colleague John Dumelo is contesting for the seat.

Many descended on the celebrities who did that because they felt it was a wrong move and they could have campaigned anywhere else apart from that constituency.

Actor Kalybos has come out to react to this by also descending on some who are insulting them and also giving a little education about democracy and what they did.

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He said, “A letter to all Fellow Ghanaians. I think it’s about time our school system start to teach us what democracy is and what opinions are. We’re all made individually to make different choices and that doesn’t mean an opinion of ‘A’ is an enemy to ‘B’. We tend to forget the rules of Life and Living It and rather make enemies for ourselves we never wanted and that breeds what we call HYPOCRITES. For your information, John Dumelo and I are very cool and we are not determined enemies.

So stop creating room for that cus he knows what democracy and friendship is. Meaning we disagree to agree based on your opinion. Myself with some colleagues went to Ayawaso West Wagon, Ablekuma North and James Town to campaign for our beloved Party NPP and our President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo. Why campaign AGAINST whiles you can actually campaign FOR. It’s two different energy. One talks of Good and the other breeds Evil. However the hypocrisy in some of us so called friends are overwhelmingly surprising. A wake up call came for those who chant #idey4u for John Dumelo who are supposed friends and colleagues of John but have never posted or shown support towards his campaign until KALYBOS and Co went to show support for their party NPP. Now we are seeing people posting John, writing essays with BIG grammar as if they attended montessori exhibiting their Hypocrisy whiles we the ‘Sytocians’ did what we believe in.

Hmm asem ooo, just be real to yourself and others. Well I am glad I was about to divulge the pretenders who wouldn’t do anything but will say everything. God is watching your buttocks. To @johndumelo1 I wish you all the best in this election and always know #idey4u but you’re in the other side ?. God Bless Ghana ?? “God Bless us all” ??

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