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Who by now does not know Kalybos? I guess, you’ve heard of the new guy in town causing everyone to loose their jaws. Yes, our one and only Boss with one S. Kalybos a young boy studying Film Making at NAFTI, whoose homework assigment has now turned into an the biggest internet craze now with even tv stations using his funny videos as fillers. Success all came hugging him when his first tv commercial came out, the one he did for Shakes n Flavours, then a telco used him. The Airtel advert he did made more people discover him, especially those who do not have the privilege of seeing his hilarious adventurous videos on youtube.

Right now, he is one we would refer to as a celebrity, because he is known by many people and have won for himself a huge fan base. Everyone loves to see what Kalybos will be doing or saying next to his beautiful Ahwuof3 Patri, the girl who makes him go through all that trouble.

Surprisingly, he’s not only got the attention of Ghanaians only but our very own Yvonne Nelson. Ghbase spotted a video Yvonne Nelson uploaded on her instagram page with Kalybos in it, and she seems to find the young man very interesting. Sources however close to Ghbase tells us that, Yvonne is actually working on some new movie with Kalybos. The source however did not reveal to us the full details of the movie and when it will be released but tells us, it’s one that’s going to surprise many Ghanaians.

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We would keeep our ears close to the wall and bring your more scoop on this.


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