Kaninja never gave me 10ghc chop money throughout our one year marriage – Xandy Kamel

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In a disturbing video, Xandy Kamel claims that throughout their brief marriage of just a year, her now ex-husband Kaninja never gave her even 10ghc for food.

Xandy, who is still resentful and hurt by the way the FM broadcaster treated her throughout their marriage, claims that the gigolo never gave her any money.

During an IG live with her pals, Xandy Kamel claimed that Kaninja had informed her mom that he had married her out of pity since no guy would ever want to settle down with her because of her nasty background.

She said that Kaninja had been abusive to her physically and emotionally during their marriage and that he had abandoned her to remain with another married lady while she was eight months pregnant and in need of help.

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Despite not receiving any financial compensation from Kaninja, Xadny Kamel claims that she was the one who was fully invested in the tragic event.

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She took care of him in every way—she fed him, dressed him, and even gave him money to spend on his own items, but he never thanked her.

Despite Xandy Kamel’s serious accusations against him during their divorce, Kaninja has remained silent.

Perhaps at some point in the future or when the time is right, he will deal with all the troubling concerns and defamation.


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