Kaninja Would Be A F00l If He Goes Back To Xandy Kamel – Counselor Lutterodt Says (Video)

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Counselor Lutterodt in a video sighted online has claimed that if the estranged husband of Xandy Kamel, Kaninja goes back to him, then he’s a f00l because the marriage was built on lies.

Counselor Lutterodt sharing his view on the separation of Xandy Kamel and her estranged husband Kaninja gave him the idea of not going back to her even though they aren’t divorced saying he will be disappointed if he hears he has gone back to her.

According to him, Xandy Kamel lied to paint his marriage as a blissful one, and now that things aren’t going as she expected she is cursing her estranged husband and the supposed women he’s involved with and he will see Kaninja as a f00l if he goes back to Xandy Kamel.

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Xandy Kamel and her husband Kaninja are separated but not divorced over allegations of the man not being faithful to her and based on the things she said on air after her marriage, counselor Lutterodt thinks Kaninja shouldn’t return to her again as if he does that, he will be a f00l.

video below;

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