Karma: Video shows Xandy saying side chics are very important and deserve to cause wahala in people’s r’ship emerges after her marriage crashed

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Xandy Karmel would probably be cursing her stars for uttering these words contained in this throwback video in relation to her purported crashed marriage.

While in the studios of Hitz FM, the actress and TV personality was seen confidently saying the relevance of side chics on modern relationships cannot be downplayed because they spice up marriages.

In her opinion, any married woman who fails to handle her husband well should be prepared to lose him to her and the other members of the unofficial side chics association.

She ultimately said side chics should continue wrecking havoc in people’s marriages because it’s not their fault when men fail to control their sexual urges.

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The video has been predictably reshared after Xandy’s marriage crashed a year after she walked down the aisle with Angel TV’s Kaninja.

Xandy was seen barely 24-hrs ago spitting fire on her estranged husband asking him to serve her with the divorced papers so they could end it all.

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Checks on her Instagram and other social media pages reveal that she has deleted all their photos together, including their wedding pics.

Meanwhile, Kaninja is yet to respond to his wife’s allegations. Watch the video below;


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