Kasoa Murder: Ghanaians call for ban on Mallams and Money Ritualists advertising on Tv and radio stations

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Following the gruesome murder of 11-year-old Ishamel in Kasoa by Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kini aged 16 and 17 respectively, Ghanaians have raised concerns over radio and Tv stations advertising mallams and juju men.

The calls for a ban on mallams and juju men who are given the airtime to advertise themselves on Tv and radio stations have resurfaced days after the Kasoa murder incident.

The unfortunate incident has come as a surprise to many as to what might have influenced the teenagers to indulge in such an act.

According to many on social media, the precedence set by these young teenagers can be attributed to the numerous advertisements done on radio and tv stations by these money ritualists and mallams.

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Per what one social media user said, they make it seem so easy which tends to lure young men into becoming their victims of a scam.

“This is what happens when our misleaders look on unconcerned for vices to become habits.TV stations show all sorts of things that induce people to get rich through rituals. Why won’t d young ones resort to such practices? D govt must wake up from its slumber,” Godwin Dankwa wrote.

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“We have to blame this TV station showing money rituals every day and night
They are influencing a lot of people
The government should shut down all those TV stations,”
Kofi Jet Ansah wrote.

“I don’t even know why
Up till now, the government is not saying anything about those tv stations bringing mallams and lotto forecasters to the set,”
Paa Kwesi Affal commented.

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