Katarina Deme Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth and More

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Katarina Deme Is a well known TikTok star who gained massive popularity and became an internet sensation as a result of been known for posting seductive and bikini photographs via her ins Instagram pages which were mostly in exotic locations.

Katarina Deme Age

Katarina Deme might be known as a star already in the public space but that doesn’t actually means she is such an elderly person at all.

She Was born on the 19th day of February 2004 in the Union States of America, a country she grew up and still Residing.

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This is a confirmation that Katarina Deme age 18 years old as of the year 2022 and also confirmed she is an American Citizen by birth.

Elva Guerra Has been a little secretive about her personality and as a result, Details about her Parents, Education and Other things aren’t known about her.

Katarina Deme
Katarina Deme
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It is believed that she don’t want to be subjected to Public scrutiny with her career at just a young stage and that is the reason she is reluctant to bring out more details about herself to the public. She however has an older sister identified as Alexa.


As beautiful as Katarina Deme is, it is highly impossible to think that she will not be getting admirers from every angle especially from the opposite sex who will be expressing interest in being in a relationship with her.

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Katarina Deme Herself however is very determined not to rush things as she has made it known on several platforms about her decision not to have a long history book of men she has been in a relationship with.

Her main interest is to stick to one partner from her younger days to eternity. As a result It was confirmed that Katarina Deme started dating rapper The Kid Laroi in 2020.


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