Kate Middleton pays homage to Queen Elizabeth & Princess Diana by wearing their jewellery at coronation

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Kate Middleton wore something special to honour Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana at the coronation of King Charles which historically took place on May 6, 2023.

The 41-year-old monarch wore the late George VI Festoon Necklace and her mother-in-law’s South Sea Pearl Earrings.

The three-stranded diamond-encrusted George VI Festoon Necklace was created in 1950 at King George VI’s request for his then-eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth.

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Queen Elizabeth utilized the item for state banquets and important occasions throughout her illustrious reign. The necklace belonged to Princess Kate’s grandmother-in-law, and she has worn it frequently as a sign of respect ever since the Queen passed away in September 2022.

The Princess of Wales wore Queen Elizabeth’s iconic three-strand pearl necklace and pearl and diamond drop earrings for a few of the burial events.

She wore the Bahrain Pearl Drop Earrings with a four-strand pearl choker that belonged to the queen for the state funeral and committal service.

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“Pearls are one of the very few jewellery items you can wear in mourning and are inextricably linked with Queen Elizabeth and her personal jewellery legacy,” Bethan Holt, author of The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style, previously told PEOPLE. “It’s a symbol of mourning a monarch but also a grandmother or great-grandmother.”

In addition, Princess Kate had donned jewels from Queen Elizabeth’s collection on numerous significant occasions, most notably her royal wedding to Prince William in 2011 when she wore the Cartier Halo Tiara.

From her Maple Leaf Brooch to emerald tassel earrings and the Edinburgh Wedding Bracelet, a thoughtful engagement present from Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth has gifted Kate a variety of items over the years.

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Kate previously attended the most recent Remembrance Sunday event wearing Diana’s South Sea pearl earrings, which are comprised of diamonds and pearls.

Diana routinely attended formal events with the dazzling pair throughout the 1990s, but Vogue asserts that Kate altered the pair (which she had previously worn).

The article alleges that Diana substituted smaller, pear-shaped stones for the larger, round pearls she was pictured wearing. The Princess of Wales joined other members of the royal family in Westminster Abbey on Saturday to witness her father-in-law’s historic coronation.


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