Katia Washington; Bio, Career, Family, Relationship and more

Katia Washington was born in Los Angeles, California, United States of America on 27th November, 1987. Her popularity is mostly attributed to her father’s role as an actor in the United States entertainment industry. Her father’s name is Denzel Washington and her mother also bears the name Pauletta Washington. She has a sister whose name is Olivia Washington and two brothers whose names are Malcolm and Jonh David. Malcolm and Olivia Washington are twins.

Just like she, her siblings are equally interested in picking a career in the film industry. They’ve shared their possible thoughts of moving in pretty soon. John David on the other side is making huge progress in that field as he has started to earn himself awards.

While growing up, she was given all the support and love she needed to pursue any career of her choice. Her father, in particular, had been with her almost anytime encouraging her to be up and running about her interest in filmmaking.


Katia Washington Education

She attended a number of private colleges in Los Angeles, California and upon her matriculation, she got enrolled at Yale University. She graduated from the institution in the year 2010.


Is Katia Washington Lesbian?

Katia Washington
Katia Washington and her alleged lesbian partner

To date, Katia Washington’s sexuality is not clear. Most people confuse Katia for her sister, Olivia Washington. It is not firmly known or known if she is indeed lesbian as most people speculate.

According to some sources, Denzel Washington’s daughter is in an interracial lesbian romantic relationship with her Caucasian girlfriend whose name is still withheld. Factually, this information is not confirmed.


Katia Washington Career

Katia Washington
Katia Washington, her father, Denzel Washington and others

Katia Washington made her swift entrance into the film industry just after she’d graduated from college. She was always keen on venturing into acting, not because her father, Denzel Washington was famously tagged as one of the world’s best actors but it was a passion she wanted to pursue. She knew probably that, her father’s fane would act against her intention to venture into the film scene.

The first-ever project she took wasn’t in the acting field but behind the camera. She worked as an editorial production assistant in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 worldwide hit film Django Unchained which starred star actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Waltz and Jaimie Foxx.

She took a short hiatus from the film and what she didn’t during the break is not still known. She bounced back on set again as an associate film producer for Fences, a 2016 film project that featured key actors like her father, Denzel Washington and Viola Davis which was also directed by Denzel Washington.

After, he was criticized hugely after Viola Davis won the Academy Award for Actress in Supporting Role in the same year. The film was a complete success. Its financial success reflected on Katia Washington’s career in film as she was given about $2million from the project.

Katia Washington Movies

  • Django Unchained – 2012
  • The Equalizer – 2014
  • Fences – 2016
  • The Birth of a Nation – 2016
  • Assassination Nation- 2018


Katia Washington Net Worth

Katia Washington
Katia Washington

Katia Washington’s net worth is estimated to be $3milliom as of 2022. She has earned a bigger spot in the film industry in the United States of America. Her popularity is majorly attributed to her father, Denzel Washington. She makes a lot of money from her career as an actress and multiple careers in the film industry.


Summary Profile

Name: Katia Washington

Date of Birth: 27th November, 1987

Age: 35 years old as of 2022

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Education: Yale University

Profession: Actress, producer

Parents: Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington.

Siblings: John David, Olivia Washington, Malcolm Washington

Net Worth: $3million


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