Keche Andrew And Millionaire Wife Storm Social Media Once Agan With Their Lovy Dovy Video

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Keche Andrew And Millionaire wife, Madam Joana have once again hit social media with their lovy dovy video.

Their love which has stood the test of time for a while now keeps growing, glowing and blooming beautifully day in and day out.

Despite their several ways to debunk rumors that their marriage is based on money and love, people still are of the view the musician married his wife because of money.

Well, the couple have channeled their energy from making people believe they are in love, to actually enjoying their marriage and showing it off on social media.

A recent video seen online shows the couple in a cosy state, chit chatting and laughing, and though the video was mute, their gestures and body language said a lot. The two continue to chop love in the face of those who laugh and tease them on social media, because they claim they are not a match.

Video below;


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