Is Keche avoiding a 2012 prophecy or economic hardship?

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It would have been very tragic if indeed descriptions given to Keche’s ‘drive-into-the bush’ of a car accident on Sunday, October 5 was as fatal as reported.

Although the music group together with their management team were involved in a ‘light’ accident from Obuasi to Accra after a performance at the ‘Obuasi Nite With The Starz” concert, some Ghanaians shaken by the headlines of the incident felt it was an uncalled for hype of a reportage by the artistes.


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Upon seeing the headlines; some pitied the fact that great talents had almost been lost to death without viewing photos attached to the story.

The music duo, who had been off the scene after releasing, ‘Diabetes’, returned with ‘Fine boy’ which doesn’t seem to be doing too well.

Taken aback to the prophecy made by Prophet Joshua Awuah in 2012 that after the group’s ‘Sokode’ song, they would never make another hit track again which sounded quite weird at the time when already ‘Aluguntugui’ was receiving massive airplay.

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Then came ‘Slow motion’ which did very well on the music scene until the group went on a low key only to return with ‘Diabetes’ and now ‘Fine Boy’.

When the prophecy was made, many including the duo ignored it terming it as ‘an attention seeking prophet’ but interestingly, the words seem to have manifested as their song, ‘Diabetes’ is not receiving massive airplay and attention as their previous songs; ‘Slow motion’, ‘Aluguitugui’, ‘Sokode’, and even, ‘Pressure’, their debut song.

It would be deceitful to say that ‘Diabetes’ and their recently released ‘Fine boy’ is not gaining airplay, but these songs are the least played amongst their previous works.

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Nonetheless, be it hype or not, PR gimmicks will not revive Keche but maybe prayers will help redeem their career. Could it be the country’s recent unfavorable economy is the result of their minimal airplay and promotions as the lyrical content of ‘Fine boy’ states?

Keche’s ‘Fine boy’ is a song that describes the current economic hardships the country is facing with the good looking not able to put food on their tables; fill their tanks with petrol; let alone buy Brazilian hair for their ladies.

Where is the ‘Fatality’ in the photos below:

keche4 Keche2

Anyways, listen to ‘Fine boy’ by Keche by clicking here








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