“Keep Your Mother Out Of Your Marriage Immediately You Tie The Knot”- Rights Activist Aisha Yesufu Advises Women

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The Nigerian socio-political activist, Aisha Yesufu has advised women to, as a matter of priority, ensure that they keep their mothers out of their marriage affairs.

Aisha Yesufu
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According to Aisha Yesufu, you’ll be doomed if you start sharing what’s happening in your home with them as they will tend to interfere in matters in your home; she reckons this is not cool, making it somewhat imperative to keep them out.

She added further that it is important to, as a new couple, learn what works for you and try to develop yourself the way you want, and one secret to achieving this, is to keep everyone out of your home and that includes your mother.

This is quite and audacious statement from Aisha Yesufu, and somewhat true, as some mothers tend to control their daughters in their marriages and this, most often than not, creates problems for couples.

She wrote this on Twitter;

“When you get married, the first person you have to ensure you keep out of your marriage is YOUR MOTHER! Those love and concerns and wanting to find all is okay in the guise of love? It is not healthy! You start sharing what is happening you are done for! They begin to interfere!

As a new couple, learn what works for you. It is unique. Develop it yourself the way you want to. Keep everyone out of it! Do your thing and it is never easy marrying two different lives together. So take your time.
Keep everyone out and do you!”. 

This will most definitely be a difficult thing to do in trying to keep your mother out of your marriage. Some would see this statement as an incitement of couples against their mothers but the fact that some mothers overdo things and try to control their daughters’ marriages makes the statement all the more valid.

Some too won’t be able to do this as due to inadequate training at home, they’d need support to keep their homes running and that would mean getting some support from their mums.

Would you, as a woman, heed to Aisha Yesufu’s call or you’re thinking otherwise?

Share your candid thoughts.

Below are some thoughts shared by users reacting to Aisha’s call;

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