Thursday, November 26, 2020

Kennedy Agyapong Advises Medikal Like His Son In A Very Touching Manner – Video

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Lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong has advised rapper Medikal like a son regarding his future and the way he is supposed to live now for a better future.

The two met yesterday on Oman Fm’s drive time and before signing off, Kennedy Agyapong gave Medikal a piece of advise like a son.

The lawmaker advised Medikal not to smoke but rather make investments so that when the music is no more selling for him, he wont go hungry.

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He went ahead to give Medikal the specific investment to do based on his career as a musician, which is real estates.

According to him, due to the music he does the best type of investments for him is to go into real estates, giving him some few examples to back his words.

From Medikal’s body language, one could tell the advise had gone down so well and was going to act upon it.

video below;


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