Kenslea Sahl; Who Is Mort Sahl Ex-wife? Details

Kenslea Sahl

Kenslea Sahl is famed as the former Canadian comedian, Mort Sahl ex-wife, one of three women the comedian married at different times.

In this article today, we delve into the life of Kenslea Sahl.

What have you heard about her and what do you know about her late ex-husband Mort Sahl?

Be sure to read this article to the end and you will learn all there is to know about the former couple who were together for more than a decade but parted ways before Mort Sahl passed away in 2021.

Kenslea Sahl Biography

She was the last wife of the legendary Canadian comedian, Mort Sahl.

Not much information is available on the internet about Kenslea Sahl.

The overly private Kenslea has not made information about her early life, parents and siblings available.

Attempts to find out her educational background and career were not successful.

She only became popular for her marriage to Mort Sahl, the only marriage among his three marriages that lasted very long but also ended in the way others did.

We cannot confirm Mort Sahl ex-wife Kenslea Sahl birthday, her parents, educational background, her career, as well as several other personal matters about her.

She became popular for being Mort’s wife and the one that had stayed with him as his wife for a long time.

Who is Mort Sahl?

Let’s find out about him

Mort Sahl Kenslea Sahl Ex-husband

Kenslea Sahl

Considered the first modern comedian, Morton Lyon Sahl was an American comedian, actor, and social satirist born in Canada on May 11, 1927, and he passed away on October 26, 2021.

Sahl invented a form of social satire that uses improvised monologues and a newspaper as the only prop to make fun of political and current affairs.

Sahl was raised in Los Angeles before relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he made his stage debut in 1953 at the hungry I nightclub.

After a year at the club, he performed across the nation at well-known nightclubs, theaters, and college campuses as his reputation gradually expanded.

The lone child of Jewish parents, Kenslea Sahl ex-husband Mort Sahl was born on May 11, 1927, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

His father, Harry Sahl, was an immigrant from the Lower East Side of New York City who aspired to write plays for the Broadway stage.

When Dorothy responded to an advertising Harry had put in a poetry magazine, they eventually became husband and wife.

They moved to Canada, where he owned a tobacco shop in Montreal, in order to pursue a writing career, but were unsuccessful.

Mort Sahl Marriages

Kenslea Sahl ex-husband, Mort Sahl has three marriages.

In 1955, he married Sue Babior; less than three years later, the couple divorced.

Tippi Hedren was his committed partner at the start of the 1960s.

He wed actress and model China Lee in 1967; the couple got divorced in 1991.

Mort Sahl Jr., their only child, passed away in 1996 at the age of 19 from an unidentified drug-related response.

He wed Kenslea Ann Motter in 1997; their divorce occurred about 2009.

He expressed sorrow for their divorce and said “I’m sorry I divorced Kenslea; I’m still in love with my wife. If you love a woman it’ll make her a better woman.”

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