Kevin Carlson wife: Was he married?

Kevin Carlson, a cherished Boston radio presenter and longtime co-host of the morning show on 100.7 WZLX-FM, has sadly departed, as per the information received. His endearing voice and remarkable talent for entertaining will be greatly missed. For nearly two decades, Carlson, alongside McKenzie, co-hosted the Carlson-McKenzie show, skillfully utilizing humor and timeless rock music to establish a profound connection with his listeners.

Who Is Kevin Carlson? 

Carlson gained significant recognition on the WZLX broadcasts, where he had been a valued employee since 2005. Within the morning show of this radio station, he worked closely with producer Kenny Young, Pete McKenzie, and Heather Ford. Prior to his tenure at WZLX, Carlson had served as a co-host on the morning show at WPDH-FM in New York.

Kevin Carlson Cause Of Death

ItIn October 2023, Carlson is said to have passed away quietly while sleeping. The radio station shocked and dismayed its listeners when it revealed this dreadful news. It was his 59th birthday. His family is surely in a state of shock and anguish after learning of his passing. In addition to grieving the death of a cherished family member, they are also coming to terms with the loss of a Boston radio icon.

The impact Carlson had on the radio community and his own family is embodied in his legacy, which extends beyond his radio career. His family was deeply affected by the love, laughter, and music he shared with them; these qualities permeated every part of his home. Amidst the sorrow of losing a beloved family member, comfort is found in knowing that Kevin’s impact will live on in the hearts of numerous admirers and listeners.

Condolences From Loved Ones

Since learning of Carlson’s passing, friends and colleagues have been sending him condolence messages and remembering the big impact he had on the classic rock radio scene. Both listeners and coworkers will remember him with affection, and his legacy as an accomplished and devoted radio personality will undoubtedly endure.

His family treasures the intimate moments and memories that shaped their relationship with him, even as coworkers and listeners remember him as a radio legend. The station said, “It is with great sadness that 100.7 WZLX shares news of the unexpected passing of our friend, Kevin Karlson. For almost 20 years, Kevin helped wake up Boston with humor and classic rock. We invite you to share your memories of Kevin as we celebrate his life, ”expressing their grief.

Kevin Karlson’s quiet passing marks the conclusion of an era for his dedicated followers. The radio community and his fans alike will genuinely mourn the absence he leaves behind. Today, Karlson’s esteemed listeners treasure the delightful moments he graciously shared on the airwaves over the years.

Was Kevin Carlson Married? 

Carlson maintained confidentiality regarding his marital status, leaving it uncertain whether he was married or not. Additionally, there is no data accessible regarding his potential romantic relationships. Any relevant information will be promptly added to this article.


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