Kevin McCallister: Facts About The Home Alone Character 

Kevin McCallister
Kevin McCallister

Kevin McCallister is a fictional character that was played in the 1990s and early 2000s movies, Home Alone 1 and 2. 

Kevin McCallister Profile 

Kevin McCallister
Real Name
Macaulay Carson Culkin
Date of Birth
August 26, 1980
Place of Birth
New York City
Known For
His role in Home Alone
High intelligence
Tracking skills
Engineering skills
Setting up booby traps so he can defend his house.
Spending quality time with his parents.
Being on his own.
Looking after the house.
Eating cheese pizza.
Watching TV
Defend himself from Harry and Marv and stop them from robbing his family’s house.
Reunite with his family.
Stop Harry and Marv from robbing a toy store from New York’s hospital charity (all succeeded).
Kate McCallister mother) 
Peter McCallister (father)
Sublings & Family
Buzz McCallister (oldest brother)
Megan McCallister (oldest sister)
Linnie McCallister (older sister)
Jeff McCallister (older brother)
Frank McCallister (uncle)
Leslie McCallister (aunt)
Tracy McCallister (older cousin)
Rod McCallister (cousin)
Sondra McCallister (cousin)
Brooke McCallister (cousin)
Fuller McCallister (cousin)
Rob McCallister (uncle)
Georgette McCallister (aunt)
Heather McCallister (older cousin)
Liz McCallister (cousin)
Mickey McCallister (cousin)
Josh McCallister (cousin)
Penelope McCallister (paternal grandmother)
Unnamed Grandfather (paternal grandfather)

Kevin McCallister’s Early Life

His real name is Macaulay Carson Culkin. Kevin was born on August 26, 1980, in New York City. 

Kevin McCallister’s Dad

Kevin McCallister is the son of Peter McCallister. No information about his mother is known. 

Kevin McCallister
Kevin McCallister is a fictional character that was played in the 1990s and early 2000s movies, Home Alone 1 and 2.

Kevin McCallister‘ Age

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is 42 years old as of 2022 since he was born in 1980. 

Kevin has grown up from a blonde funny child to a handsome married man and father.

Kevin McCallister’s Siblings

Kevin McCallister had four siblings in Home Alone. They were Buzz, Megan, Linnie, and Jeff who are in their forties. 

Kevin McCallister’s Educational Background

Kevin McCallister studied the performing arts extensively as a child, including training at Balanchine’s School of the American Ballet, and appeared in numerous television commercials.

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Kevin McCallister’s Wife, Ex-wife & Girlfriend

Kevin McCallister was formally married to actress Rachel Miner in 1998 when he was 18 and later separated in 2000. This means that they lived together for barely two years. 

Kevin McCallister began dating actress Mila Kunis in 2002. After dating for over nine years, Kunis and Culkin announced their split in early 2011. 

Culkin is currently in a relationship with former Disney actress, Brenda Song, whom he met while filming the 2018 movie Changeland, directed by Seth Green. 

The pair welcomed son Dakota Song Culkin in April 2021.

 Kevin McCallister
Kevin McCallister has starred in films, including 1993’s The Good Son and 1994’s Richie Rich.

Kevin McCallister’s Career (Home Alone)

Kevin McCallister gained popularity when he starred in the wildly successful holiday comedy Home Alone

The film was the highest-grossing film of the year and spawned a slightly less successful sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in 1992.

In 1991, Kevin McCallister impressed audiences and critics with his heartfelt and endearing performance as the best friend of a troubled young girl in the tear-jerker My Girl

Kevin McCallister has starred in films, including 1993’s The Good Son and 1994’s Richie Rich

Throughout his career, Kevin McCallister’s father, Kit, was his manager. In the early 1990s, rumors began to surface that accused Kit of mismanagement.

In 2013, Kevin McCallister debuted his comedy rock band, “The Pizza Underground”, which parodied songs by The Velvet Underground using pizza-themed lyrics and song titles.

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