Kevin Samuels Age, Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Career, Marriage

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Kevin Samuels is known to be an American image specialist, businessman, and social media personality who gained prominence through the act of sharing his thoughts on various relationship issues that pops up on social media.

In this article, we’re going to get into details about the Influencer and other things you need to know about Kevin Samuels.

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels was born on 13th March 1971 in Oklahoma, United States of America and as of 2022 he is 51 years old, however, there’s not much information about his parents, siblings, and childhood.

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He is considered to be a standout in the new Black Manosphere and has Influenced many people with his YouTube videos and thoughts on relationship issues.

His diverse views on relationships don’t go in line with a group Faithful Black Men Associates which even advised Kevin Samuels’ audience to make background checks on him and his personality isn’t relevant.

Who is Kevin Samuels’ wife?

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As it stands now, there’s no information about who he was married to however it is believed that his relationship is smooth and everything is going on well with them.

One of the prime jobs of Kevin Samuels is giving relationship or marriage advice to people for money hence it is widely believed that he implements that advice in his relationship.

Kevin Samuels has divorced but the reason for his past relationships being collapsed isn’t known but he is said to be dating a married Instagram model.

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Kevin Samuels internet fame

Kevin Samuels has over 1.27 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and which features some of his popular videos like “Do Modern Women Want More Than They Deserve?”, “Ladies The Older You Get”, and “The Less You Get”.

He also has huge social media followers and his first viral video was on December 9th, 2020 with a video dubbed “You are average at best”

The video amassed over 2 million views after it was posted and still counting as he criticized modern women’s claims to deserve the best.

Kevin Samuels social media

Kevin Samuels is active on all social media platforms as he promotes his brand through his website and social media under the username, @kevinsamuels with more than 200k followers.

He is also available on Twitter with over 2k followers and a YouTube channel with 528k subscribers.

Kevin Samuels
Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels fashion career

Kevin Samuels has been into fashion for quite a while. She gained prominence as an image consultant after helping a high-powered female attorney who was on the verge to become a judge.

Speaking in an interview with Undercover Oklahoma in 2016, he opened up that his final push into the fashion fraternity came up after working on a PR project for an attorney but told him to put everything on hold as she had an interview with the governor. The attorney needs his opinion on her image and wardrobe

Kevin Samuels net worth

The estimated net worth of Kevin Samuels is between $2 to $3 million as of 2022 this comes from his earnings from a showroom property in Los Angeles, Luxurious cars, and YouTube.

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