Kia Proctor Bio, Net Worth, Kids, Ig

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Kia Proctor will be a very familiar person to you if you like models. Today, we discuss her, her kids, Ig and all that there is to know about her.

What have you heard about? Aside from her modelling and dancing career, what else has made her this popular?

People get popular through others and Kia got more famous with her one-time relationship with Cam Newton, but this article isn’t about her relationship with Cam, it is all about her and her life.

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So who is she? Let’s explore her life now by looking at her biography.

Kia Proctor Biography

Kia Proctor

Kia was born in Virginia, the United States of America, on October 16, 1988, to Jerome Proctor and Ann Marrie.

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Much of what has made her popular is her modelling career. She is also a well-known dancer wowing people with her dance moves.

So her career is essentially in modelling and dancing but what do we know about her educational background?


Education is very important to anyone, isn’t it? So, did Kia acquire any education?

Well, with her career and what is expected of her as far as modelling and dancing are concerned, it is clear she learnt it from somewhere, but did she go to school purposely to learn dancing and modelling?

It is not quite clear if this is the case as there has not been any information about the educational background of Kia Proctor.

As for her career, she is a model and a dancer.


What made the model more popular? Kia is well-known for being the ex-girlfriend of Cam Newton, an NFL quarterback.

Her popularity soared when she had a relationship with Cam.

Unfortunately, her relationship with the player did not reach the expected end that they both envisaged, but it is clear that she became popular because of that relationship.

Kia Proctor net worth

Kia Proctor ig

Money is very important. It is the reason people hustle and will stop at nothing to earn it. How much, then, does Kia Proctor earn from her modelling career?

She is a model who has made a good living from her trade.

The actual amount of her salary and net worth has yet to be revealed, and the media was uninterested because she was enjoying her then-boyfriend, Cam Newton, who has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Now we have seen Kia Proctor net worth career pattern, what made her popular and her general life. Now, though, let’s see Kia Proctor kids, Kia Proctor Instagram and other things relating to her.

Does she have any kids? Does she have an Instagram account?

I bet you would not expect a model without an Instagram account. In this era of social media, things like modelling thrive so much on social media.

Kia Proctor kids

Kia Proctor kids

Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers’ NFL quarterback, had a relationship with Kia Proctor.

Chosen Sebastian Newton, Camidas Swain Newton, Cashmere Saint Newton, and Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton are the couple’s four children.

While Cam Newton is in court fighting for custody of their four children, Kia Proctor is asking the court to award her $15,000 per month in child support.

Kia Proctor Ig

Kia is on Instagram where she treats her followers to some of her breathtaking photos and videos.

Kia Proctor Ig account is under the name “kiaproctorofficial.” Her Instagram profile reads; “Known for my glamorous style, talent & my ability 2 talk 2 anyone. I’m the leader of my household, juggling family life & multiple project ventures.”

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