‘Kick Out Akufo Addo, Remember The Manhood Of A Poor Person Annoys A Woman’- Vicky Hamah Tells Unemployed Youths Ahead Of Polls

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The former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hamah has advised the youths, the vast of whom are unemployed, to kick out Nana Akufo Addo and his abysmal NPP government. 

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Making a new post on Facebook, the curvaceous Ghanaian politician said the youths should do everything possible not renew the mandate of Nana Akufo Addo because it will further deepen their poverty status.

She further reminded them that the pen!s of a broke person doesn’t appeal to any woman so they should firmly embed this in their subconscious mind as the general presidential and parliamentary elections take place tomorrow-Decemeber7, 2020.

‘When you are unemployed and poor your penis is of no use to any woman. So Vote against Corruption because it’s corruption that makes you poor not ‘penis morality!’ she said in a Facebook publication.

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