Kidnap Kingpin Arrested Whiles Trying to Collect Ransom On Woman He Kidnapped

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Kidnapping is quite a canker in West African powerhouse, Nigeria, where a lot of these kidnappers will just hold people captive and demand huge sums in ransoms before releasing their victims.

It is true when they say that your bad deeds will eventually catch up on you, and that is the fate of notorious kidnapper in Plateau state by name Adamu Uwar who got rounded up by police just as he was about collecting the ransom he demanded from the relatives of a woman he kidnapped.

According to reports, Adamu Uwar abducted the woman but was arrested by Operations Safe Haven (OPSH).

According to an account given by the Commander of the OPSH, Major General Chukwuemeka Okonkwo, Adamu Uwar had lured the women into believing that he was going to sell some things to her somewhere.

The report added that Uwar, on getting to where he was to sell the said goods to the woman, suddenly held her captive and then contacted the woman’s husband demanding a sum of N2million from him before his wife would be released.

The husband then decided to report the matter to OPSH who advised him to agree to pay the ransom.

He was then picked up at the point where he was supposed to take the money.

“The husband reported to the OPSH and was advised to agree to pay the ransom and a collection point was agreed.

Own troops stormed the location, arrested the abductor and rescued the victim,” the commander said.

He added that the kidnapper had been on two occasions arrested but escaped on both occasions and was on the wanted list until his latest operation.


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