Kim Basinger Now; Where Is The Actress Now?

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She is one of the many Americans who are known for many things She is a singer, an actress and a model. She began to make waves in 1978, so where is Kim Basinger now; is she still in all these professions?

It is very good to have a talent, it is even better when you have been able to develop the talent and benefit from it.

We are talking about Kim Basinger now because of how she has been able to develop her many talents and has used them to provide for her family and make herself comfortable.

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In this article, we are going to highlight some of the achievements of Kim Basinger and also fill you in on what she has been up to now.

Starting her career in 1978, which is a long time ago now, what is she up to?

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We will find out about Kim Basinger now and then when she began her career.

Kim Basinger Now: Who Is The Actress?

To put things in perspective, let us have a brief look at the life and career of Kim Basinger.

Kimila Ann Basinger, an American actress and former model, was born on December 8, 1953.

She has won recognition for her work in film and television, earning her an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After winning all these awards in her career, where is Kim Basinger now?

These awards are a testament that she has been good at what she does but how did things go for her since the beginning of her career?

After a brief but fruitful modelling career in New York, Kim Basinger relocated to Los Angeles and started working in television in 1976.

Before making her feature film debut in the drama Hard Country, she participated in several made-for-TV movies, including a remake of From Here to Eternity.

Career Beginnings

Kim Basinger now
Kim Basinger actress

We are talking about Kim Basinger now because of her impressive career but how did it all start for her?

She made cameo appearances on a few television programs, including Charlie’s Angels and McMillan & Wife, but she turned down a regular part in the latter that ultimately went to Cheryl Ladd.

In the made-for-TV film Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold (1978), she played a small-town girl who moves to Hollywood to pursue an acting career but ends up becoming a well-known centrefold for a men’s magazine.

This was her first leading role. She co-starred in the miniseries version of From Here to Eternity in 1979 alongside Natalie Wood, William Devane, and Steve Railsback, returning her role as prostitute Lorene Rogers in a 13-episode sequel that aired in 1980.

In 1981, Basinger appeared in a renowned naked Playboy advertisement and made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed but under-exposed rural drama Hard Country.

She then starred in the outdoorsy adventure Mother Lode, which was directed by Charlton Heston (1982).

As of 2018, she had over fifty credits in film and television projects after switching from modelling to acting in the late 1970s, so where is Kim Basinger now and what does she do?

Kim Basinger Now: Where Is She?

After many years of acting having quit modelling for that profession, what doe Kim Basinger now do? Is she still active in the movie industry?

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Well, she has not retired from acting but these days, Kim Basinger has something that she does which is so dear to her heart.

Basinger is a vegetarian and an advocate for animal welfare.

She has appeared in PETA’s anti-fur advertising and was the subject of a Farm Sanctuary PSA on deceased farm animals.

She participated in the development of a law protecting sick and disabled farm animals, which California Governor Pete Wilson signed.

Samaritan magazine interviewed Basinger in August 2018 to spread awareness about the pervasive dog meat trade in several regions of Asia.

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