Kim Gardner Bio, Husband, Parents, children, Net worth

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Kimberly M. Gardner, an American politician, and lawyer from Missouri, was born on August 2, 1975. Currently serving as the circuit attorney for the city of St. Louis, Missouri, Gardner previously held a position as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives. Raised in St. Louis, she worked at her family’s funeral home in North St. Louis. 

Gardner has earned several degrees, including a Bachelor of Science degree in healthcare administration from Harris-Stowe State University in 1999, a Juris Doctor from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2003, and a Master of Science in nursing from Saint Louis University in 2012.

In recent years, Gardner has faced controversy surrounding her position. In February 2023, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey called for Gardner’s resignation after a teenage girl lost both legs due to a serial criminal who had violated house arrest 51 times. 

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The suspect had been in court in July 2022, ready to be tried for an armed robbery that occurred in 2020, but Gardner’s office was not prepared for the trial. As a result, Gardner’s staff dismissed the charges and refiled them the same day. This caused several members of the Board of Aldermen to also request Gardner’s resignation. Despite the criticism, Gardner’s estimated net worth of $4 million remains intact.

Who is Kim Gardner’s husband?

Kim Gardner is married to Mark Elliott. Not much information is available about Elliott, but it is known that he and Gardner have been together for a number of years. The couple has two children together, a daughter and a son.

Elliott has been a supportive presence in Gardner’s career as a lawyer and politician. He has been known to accompany her to events and rallies, and has been seen in public with her on numerous occasions. While he keeps a low profile, it is clear that Elliott is an important part of Gardner’s personal and professional life.

Does Kim Gardner have children?

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There is limited information available about the children of Kim Gardner, the circuit attorney for the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Gardner is known to have at least one child, a son named David, whom she had with her former husband. It is unclear when Gardner and her ex-husband divorced or any details about their marriage.

Given Gardner’s busy career as a politician and attorney, it is likely that she has taken steps to balance her professional responsibilities with her family obligations. As a single mother and public figure, Gardner may also serve as a role model for other working parents who are striving to maintain a successful career while raising children. However, due to Gardner’s focus on privacy regarding her family life, there is limited information available about her parenting strategies or how she navigates the challenges of balancing work and family.

What is Kim Gardner’s net worth?

Kim Gardner’s estimated net worth is approximately $4 million. She currently serves as the circuit attorney for St. Louis, Missouri, and earns an annual salary of more than $150,000. However, Gardner’s net worth is thought to stem from multiple other revenue streams, including her legal work before entering politics.

Who are Kim Gardner’s parents

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Kim Gardner was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, to her parents. Not much information is available about her parents, but it is known that they run a funeral home in North St. Louis, where Kim Gardner also worked. It is not clear if they are still actively involved in the family business.

Despite the lack of information available about Kim Gardner’s parents, it is clear that they instilled a strong work ethic in their daughter. Kim Gardner’s rise to prominence as an attorney and politician is a testament to the values and principles that she learned from her family growing up in St. Louis. Her family’s business likely had a significant impact on her life and shaped her views on public service and the importance of serving the community.


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