Kim Kardashian is hailed the ‘Queen of TikTok’ after giving herself a ‘British chav makeover’ in hilarious video

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The American reality star Kim Kardashian has been hailed the ‘Queen of Tiktok’ after giving herself a British chav makeover in a hilarious video.

Kim Kardashian is known for her makeover and famous changing in looks. The reality star has taken over Tiktok as she takes part in the popular Tiktok ‘chav’ trend.

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Kim Kardashian was seen in the video with poorly-applied makeup complete with giant drawn-on eyebrows and heavy concealer in order to imitate a ‘chav’ – the British equivalent of American trailer trash. 

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The fans of Kardashian have tagged her as ‘the unintentional queen of TikTok’, and began to trend on social media sites. 

Taking to Twitter, fans penned: ‘I just can’t believe kim Kardashian has made TikTok singing millie-b I’m crying’; ”This is the last thing I thought Kim Kardashian would do on tiktok’;

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Others added: ‘Kim Kardashian attempting to sing M to the B by Millie B looking like this was not on my 2023 bingo card’; I’m dying at Kim Kardashian’s recent chav makeup that she did for a TikTok;

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‘Kim Kardashian unintentionally becoming the queen of TikTok’; I’m living for the fact Kim Kardashian has done UK chav make up on TikTok’;

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‘Kim Kardashian is cosplaying as Millie B. The internet never ceases to shock me fr’; I’ve woken up and Kim Kardashian is on my FYP singing Millie B and doing her makeup like a chav. Going back to bed.

‘There’s just no way that Kim Kardashian did the chav girl makeup trend’; ‘why did I just open my TikTok app to see Kim Kardashian doing chav makeup.’


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